Dr. Albright is the most thorough Dentist (Dental Surgeon) I've ever been treated by! I originally came to have some childhood metal fillings drilled out and refilled. My teeth were painfully sensitive to temperature and sugar and my fillings were old and failing. Dr. Albright temperature tested every single tooth one by one and then based on sensitivity levels prioritized each tooth. I was terrified to the point of exhaustion but she was calming, pleasant, and kind throughout the multi-day process. I got to recline and listen to my favorite R&B music in comfortable head phones throughout it all. My teeth have healed without any lingering pain so far. I feel less self-conscious with almost no visible metal showing every time I laugh or talk. I also love seeing the photos of her interacting with children in the community. So many children of color don't make it to the dentist until it's too late. I'm grateful she's introducing the concept of dental care to them early on. Last but not least, her staff are easy going, friendly and approachable. I got to swap curly hair product tips with one of her technicians before X-rays. They communicate proactively about appointments. Also worth mentioning, other less seasoned dentists insisted that my teeth would break and I'd need implants and wanted me to skip straight to crowns. So glad I found someone as skilled as Dr. Albright!

Selena S.

When it comes to attention to detail there's no better dentist. Dr Albright is patient and meticulous, ensuring every inch of your mouth and every possible issue has been considered and resolved. If it isn't resolved you're going to know. You'll know what isn't, why it isn't, what needs to be done and what your options are on getting it done; transparency is foundational here. 

The staff here is kind and personable, always greeting you with a smile and making sure you feel at home. They literally know everyone by name and are as hospitable to 50-year-old men as they are to five year old children. 

They do not have the fancy TVs and noise cancelling headphones but what they do have is highly competent dental assistant staff and an overachieving dentist that's a perfectionist. Everyone in this office is sincere and you know it. They care about what they do and they care about who they care for. The passion is present in the atmosphere of the office and the quality of the work.

I value my teeth and oral health greatly and wouldn't trust my dental work with no one else. I now bring my 3 year old and 4 year old niece and nephew and it's as easy as going to the zoo.

Sean C.

Dr. Albright and her team are amazing! I actually enjoy teeth cleaning here. Dr. Albright is always so thorough when she does your final check as well as quality driven when it comes to any dental treatments - definitely try them out if you’re in need of a new dentist!

Michelle A.

Dr. Albright and her staff are very thorough, professional and friendly. The first visit included a very complete assessment of my teeth. I found Dr. Albright after my former dentist retired and sold the practice to a corporation. That was an awful experience filled with upsells but it prompted me to find a new dentist. You won't be disappointed!The dental staff and the front office staff are all wonderful!

Victorious K.

I've been coming here for a couple of years now to have checkups and cleaning. I've never been a fan of going to the dentist but the staff here are always so friendly and caring that I can't help but feel at ease. They always take their time and do a great job, and have inspired me to improve my daily dental routine. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Phineas P.

I’m a big fan of Dr. Albright and her team! I‘ve been a patient for about 6 years, and it’s always been an excellent experience. I would describe my prior experience with dentistry as “fine” at best, whereas here I’ve gotten 100% great care. My routine cleanings are always thorough and gentle, which speaks to the skill of the staff. I also appreciate that they’re game to answer any question, whether I’m asking about my teeth or about how a specific tool is used.Special shout out to Boba for her x-ray skills! I don’t love chomping on the x-ray plates, but Boba works so quickly and accurately that it goes by super fast.Everyone is always super friendly; and there’s clearly a focus on patient education and positive support — not lectures or guilt tripping. I never thought I’d say I look forward to dental appointments, but I kinda do now, because I always leave in great mood!

Celeste M.

I have been coming here for close to 20 years and love Dr Albright and Boba. Their work is meticulous and Dr Albright won’t let you leave until the work is correct. I have recommended several family and friends. This team will take good care of you.

J V.

Great patient service with excellent communication throughout. Happy to have found my new dentist in the Oakland area

Anthony D.

Dr. Albright and her staff are friendly and competent. They are the personalization of professionalism. The service I received was excellent. My bottom partial was replaced. Dr. Albright made sure that it fit perfectly. She also relined my top plate. It now fits better than when it was new. Other dentist that I have had don't compare.

Leo B.

I highly recommend Dr. Albright for all of your dental care needs. My experiences were professional, and I was treated with dignity and respect. There were no hidden costs, and the treatment plan was presented, and explained to me in detail during the first visit. Dr. Albright listened, and advised me on what services were appropriate, and necessary. Staff were courteous, and informative. Time management and return appointments were orderly, and well carried out. It was necessary for Dr. Albright to correct, and repair costly, inferior dental work performed by another Bay area dentist. Great job, great service, and a great dentist!

Chocolate K.

Dr. Albright and her entire staff are the best. Very friendly and helpful. Website is great and they have all the newest technology so I'm always surprised by something new when I go. I definitely feel confident going in to the office knowing that my teeth are in good hands. I always look forward to going and I know that sounds crazy. I just believe in good oral health. Please take care of your teeth and go to Dr. Albright's office for good care and comfortably.

Dawn T.

Dr. Albright's office is amazing. I was so nervous and anxious about having a tooth filled when I arrived, but they coached me through my anxiety and explained their action which enabled me to relax and my filling was very comfortable.I explained that I had a fear of needles and everyone was so supportive. Also a previous experience had me paranoid of the drilling that was necessary. However by telling me in advance what to expect - the vibration from the drilling - it made me even more comfortable. The entire office is wonderful.

Sharon C.

I really can't say enough about Dr Albright and her staff. Super professional, caring, they never recommended unnecessary dental work. I truly feel cared for as if I were family!


Best dentist I’ve been to. Really modern tools made getting a filling a relatively comfortable experience. Examination was extremely thorough. Haven’t had a cleaning yet but I might actually be looking forward to it.

Katie L.

I'm not shy about dental work, but if you ARE you should come here. They will listen to you and help you feel comfortable. I had a lot of work to be done . . . My teeth were so very ugly, and getting eight veneers to fix the problem is no small operation! Dr. Albright and her team took the extra care to make sure I was happy with my new look. I'm no longer afraid to smile in photos, and what a great feeling. Highly recommended!

Renée dC.

I just had a filling done at Dr. Albright’s office today and I have to say it was the easiest, most comfortable experience at a dentist I’ve ever had. Dr. Albright and everyone working in the office are super professional and caring about every aspect of my visit. I highly recommend you entrust your dental work with this office of awesome and skilled professionals!

Jay S.

I highly recommend Dr. Albright's office to anyone who is searching for a wonderful and long-term dentist. I have been to many dentist's offices in the bay area but once I found Dr. Albright , that was it. She is the best around.

The office is clean and up-to-date. The Dr. is knowledgeable on new dental technology. The staff is patient, caring, and professional. I never feel like they are rushing through any visits. Dr. Albright is a great listener and a kind person.

Dustin B.


Extremely friendly staff that is understanding, knowledgeable, and Covid-conscious! Really comfortable experience every time I show up and I have been coming for a year. They are also transparent with pricing and know their way around navigating insurance.

Keven Q

Dr. Albright and her team are pro all the way. I've been coming to her office for more than ten years. I appreciate everyone on staff including front desk. I'm normally afraid of dentists and have had negative experiences elsewhere, but Dr. Albright's team always make me feel comfortable and respected. Through COVID they kept things orderly and safe. I'd recommend them if you're looking for a new dentist in the East Bay. Shoutout to Boba too for being an AWESOME hygienist. (Tiffany S.)

T S.

I've been going to Dr. Albright since the previous time I lived in the neighborhood, in 2002. She's great, not too aggressive and eager to drill, but alert to problems before they get painful. Her dental hygienists have all been gentle and competent. Her office staff is responsive and flexible. A good dentist is hard to find so I feel very lucky to be seeing Dr. Albright.

Raquel D.