Registered Dental Hygienist

An expert in preventive oral health care, Boba plays a major role in promoting, attaining and maintaining the health of the supporting structures for the teeth and, in turn, the overall health of our patients. Gentle cleanings, oral hygiene education and coaching in home care techniques are her specialties.

  • Started her career as a dental assistant.
  • Strives to make patients as comfortable as possible and develop mutual trust
  • Can eat red velvet cake any time of the day
  • Is a very picky eater
  • Has watched every episode of “Friends”
  • Loves every shade of the color blue

Hometown: Zivinice, Tuzla Canton (Bosnia)

First Job I Ever Had: Waitress

What I Like Most About My Job: Being able to help people

Favorite Musician or Band: Hari Mata Hari

Favorite Show to Watch: Friends

Hobbies and Interests: Hiking and Traveling

Favorite Thing to Eat: Pasta

Favorite Sport, Team or Athlete: Novak Djokovic

Fun Fact: I can eat Red Velvet Cake anytime of the day.