Modern Dental Technology

Dr Albright is committed to providing each of our patients with the finest possible care, gently, comfortably and safely as we strive to combine the best of modern dentistry with the best of personalized service. We are pleased to offer state-of-the-art dental technologies to each of our patients.


One hour tooth whitening

One hour teeth whitening is a revolutionary procedure that is safe, effective and fast. Results of in-office tooth whitening average 8 shades whiter than your original shade, in just 60 minutes.
Learn more about one hour whitening.

Laser Tooth Cavity Detection

Identifying and preventing problems or treating them in their earliest stages is one of the most important things we can do for our patients. We have significantly improved our ability to diagnose cavities in their early stages by incorporation of the DIAGNOdent laser caries detection aid into our practice. 
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Oral Cancer Screening

In our continuing efforts to provide the most advanced technology and highest standard of care available to our patients, we are proud to announce the inclusion of ViziLite® Plus as an integral part of our annual comprehensive oral cancer screening protocol. 
Learn more about oral cancer screening

Intra Oral Camera

We’ve added the use of an intra-oral camera to our dental exams. By using this miniature camera, Dr Albright can clearly evaluate your teeth and gums while watching a magnified image on a color monitor. This state of the art technology also allows you and Dr. Albright to simultaneously view the condition of your oral health and see your teeth more clearly so you may more fully understand the extent of any problems and why treatment is needed. We want you to be as informed and feel comfortable as possible during your visit, giving you all the more reason to smile.

Digital Radiography – Safer X-Rays

Your health, safety and peace of mind are our primary concerns so we do our best to minimize your exposure to x-rays and require them only when they are truly necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment planning.

Our new digital x-ray system has many advantages. The x-rays are almost immediately available and are very clear. Your images can be enlarged and enhanced on the computer screen so the doctor can review them with you. This feature allows for earlier diagnosis and treatment of smaller problems beneath the gumline and within the bone which is often less complicated and less expensive. Best of all, radiation exposure is drastically reduced, as much as 80 percent compared to conventional radiography, making x-rays safer for you. Our digital radiography system also eliminates the need for chemicals required to process conventional film, making your examination safer for the environment too.

Someday all dental offices will probably have digital radiography. Dr. Albright has it today.

W&H Lexa Sterilize

W&H Lexa SterilizerOur W&H Lexa Sterilizer gives us sterilization on a high level with pulsed air removal, vacuum-assisted drying, and single, distilled water use, producing sterile, bone-dry loads.