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Your smile is powerful. It expresses your emotion, enthusiasm and good health. It can impact every area of your life, from your personal relationships to your professional success.

Let us contribute to your success by boosting your smile power. Our dentist, Dr. Sharon Albright, has been preserving and restoring beautiful smiles for patients in Oakland and Berkeley, California, for many years. Now it’s your turn. Visit a dentist known for her gentle touch and modern dental practices. If you’re in the San Francisco East Bay, call (510) 658-1996 or email for an appointment.

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News, both true and false, about Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19) has spread as rapidly as the fear, uncertainty and panic surrounding each new case. In the midst of this I want to make sure you have easy access to good information. Read more >


This COVID-19 pandemic WILL end and when it does I want you to emerge from it healthier than you were before. Here’s a series of articles to help you reinforce good oral hygiene habits >

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Dr. Sharon Albright
Dr. Sharon Albright
Melissa, RDAEF
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You’ll love our expanded remodeled dental office in the tree tops.
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Visit our comfortable Oakland / Berkeley dental office. We’re just south of the Berkeley border in North Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood.

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What patients say...

“…Dr. Albright and her staff are friendly, patient, gentle and all around fantastic!…”
” … a model balance of professional dental care and thoughtful, kind attention at the personal level…”
” …Crystal clear explanations…”
” …thorough and professional…”
” …I would highly recommend them…”
” …I am no longer afraid of dentists!…”

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