We pride ourselves in providing our patients with some of the latest and most innovative dental technology available. Tooth whitening is one of our most popular procedures. Bright, white teeth can erase years from your appearance and enhance your smile.

Brighten your smile with one hour tooth whitening

One hour in-office tooth whitening

One hour teeth whitening is a revolutionary procedure that is safe, effective and fast. Our in-office teeth whitening begins with a short preparation period to isolate the teeth followed by application of a professional strength whitening gel. The specially formulated gel will gently whiten your teeth during three to four short applications. A soothing desensitizing treatment completes the procedure. Results of in-office tooth whitening average 8 shades whiter than your original shade following the in-office session. In-office whitening is a quick start whitening with immediate results. The convenience and fast results achieved by in office whitening make it the perfect choice for people who want maximum results with maximum speed. You may follow up with home whitening to maintain your results as time goes by using the custom trays and professional at-home gel we can make  for you.

At home tooth whitening

At home whitening is ideal for patients interested in more subtle and gradual results. Unlike other teeth whitening gels that require up to 8 hours of continuous wear, our professional whitening gel achieves the same results in only 30 – 60 minutes once or twice per day. Results may be seen in as little as four days. Maximum results will be achieved within seven days. Our professional at-home teeth whitening gel contains a soothing desensitizer and averages 6 shades whiter than your original shade within one week. At home whitening may be continued for additional whitening if you desire. Our at-home whitening kits include custom made whitening trays and enough gel to last up to two weeks. At home whitening is a more slow, gentle, and longer lasting whitening process.

Light activation is not necessary to achieve excellent whitening results with either method therefore there is no need to restrict light sensitive individuals from benefiting from either treatment.

Oakland / Berkeley dentist Dr. Sharon Albright offers professional one hour tooth whitening in her Temescal neighborhood dental office. It’s fast and easy to make an appointment today

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